"Cannot Open Volume for Direct Access" error

Microsoft Windows XP

Direct Access". I've tried removing a bunch of programs that could be
causing the problem, but I am still not able to run Check Disk. Any

Are you running the latest version of Zone Alarm? If so, you probably want
to uninstall it and install an earlier version. The current version is
causing many problems such as this. Once you uninstall Zone Alarm, you
should be able to run a scan disk.

You can also try to run chkdsk using the /x switch which forces a dismount
of the volume. Start, Run, cmd, OK. Type "chkdsk /x". It will probably
say that it has to shedule chkdsk to run at next bootup.

Good Luck
Can't thank you enough for the advice about uninstalling
latest Zone Alarm - that solved my CHKDSK problems, as
well as other ones...went back to ZA 3.7 and sent a fax
to Zone Alarm telling them about this.
[email protected]..
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