NT Authority Auto Shutdown

Microsoft Windows XP

I was receiving the same message and auto shutdown as
several others who have posted here. The message
stated "Windows must now restart because the Remote
Procedure Call (RPC) service terminated unexpectedly"
This shutdown was initiated by NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.

I reinstalled Windows XP Pro in an effort to correct the
problem and now I am unable to set up a dial-up internet
connection. The ones I had set up, (2), prior to the re-
install are gone. I tried using the Connection Wizard and
when I get to the screen to select the mode of connection,
the only opetion it will let me use is Broadband. The
dial-up option is grayed out and unavailable for
selection. The old shortcuts to my ISP are still on the
desktop, but when I try to use them it asks me to install
a modem. I use the "Hardware Wizard" and the modem is all
installed, enabled and working perfectly according to the

I now receive Error 711. "Cannot load the Remote Access
Connection Manager service" "Error 711: A configuration
error on this computer is preventing this connection"
Have a look at this article:
Go down to "WORKAROUND" and try that.