Hard disk copy?

Microsoft Windows XP

I have purchased a new WDC 80Gb (8Mb cache) hard drive, so
would like to make it my master disk. Cannot copy all
system files from original disk from within Win XP. When
attempting to use Western Digital Data Lifeguard 11.0,
partition one on original 80Gb (2Mb cache) drive is
identified as Fat32, even though it is NTFS (this was not
it's original config but was done after the OS was
installed to avoid video file limitations). Data
Lifeguard complains it cannot copy Fat32 (original disk)
onto NTFS (new disk). I reformatted the new disk making
the first partition Fat32. Data Lifeguard starts the copy
but states it's finished in about 30 seconds. Does anyone
know of a work-around to this problem that will allow me
to copy my original disk onto the new disk?
Paul, take a look at Ghost by Norton or Drive Image by Powerquest.