Fonts changed

Microsoft Windows XP

Hey i installed sp2 and now all my fonts are changed to
wingdings or something. i mean everything on the start
menu is changed all my program names and icons. also the
address bar has been changed what do i do
I can only give a little help... same thing happened to me
when I used a 3rd party reg cleaner ~All fonts disappeared
even if I re-installed them, the next boot up ~ gone! It
turned out to be aline missing from the registry ~ this is
the awful bit, I can't remember what it was :o(

There's more! I asked #2 son what was that program that
took out the fonts. McAfee QuickClean he says. So I did a
search on the Mc Forums and look I famous! I've obviously
posted this before!

For getting out of the default "Marlett" symbol font..

I used "Ian Ridgers" fix, and it this works!:

When you look in the Windows/fonts folder from Windows
explorer you are NOT looking at the folder on the hard
disk, you are actually looking at the registry entry. That
how you can see the names of the fonts not the file names.
Unfortunately Quickclean removes this info from the
Registry so you see a blank. Ironically the font files are
still there and if you open a DOS window and CD
\windows\fonts you can see them. Right, now if you go back
to Explorer and 'reinstall' the fonts it tries to put them
in the registry and put them in the Dir and make them
available to windows all that the same time. Somehow it
seems to be successful and works for the rest of that
session, because Explore has 'made the fonts available' to
the windows session BUT it has NOT been able to put them
in the Registry because the
sion\fonts] has been deleted by QuickClean and is not
there. Consequently if you look at fonts again in
Explorer, which is looking at the Registry, there is
nothing to see! When you re-start your machine it is looks
at the registry to reload the fonts NOT the FONT dir and,
as there is nothing in the registry nothing is loaded and
you are back to square one. The solution is very very
simple! In a dos window copy all your fonts to a
new 'junk' directory. In dos delete the fonts in
c:\windows\fonts (as many as you can anyway). Then, using
Regedit.exe (found in Windows dir) open up
ion\ and via EDIT/NEW/KEY add the missing 'Fonts' entry.
Now back to Explorer again and open C:\Windows\fonts and
via [File/install new fonts] open your 'junk' dir and
select all. Once the action has finished you should see
all the fonts in explorer and even if you go up a level
and come back again they should still be there. If they
are you've fixed your machine if not then I don't
know!!!!! I admit the biggest difficulty here is that a
lot of the activity in Explorer has to be done with
graphics rather than letters. I suggest the 'Junk' file is
named 'font font' because you can spot the repetition and
you know which one it is!
Hey thanks for the info. I just went through this with a laptop and found
the common element, QuickClean. I had the same exact problem and an MVP
named Kelly gave the same solution. (search on "Missing Fonts, Anyone solve
it" in microsoft.public.windowsxp.general.) It was difficult to do because
not all of the fonts would delete from the Fonts folder. Trying to delete
the Fonts folder itself also didn't work. I knew what was happening but
didn't know which of the software on my clients laptop was the culprit. Now
I know! Thank you very much.

For me, I'm currently reloading Win XP on the laptop from Dell's recovery
disk because attempting the correct the problem would not work. Like others
I lost it every time I restarted. Have already spent two days on this so
reinstalling OS seems to be the best choice for me right now.